Meet the team

The people who keep Rookwood Sound broadcasting

Steve Allen
Chief Executive, Presenter & Lifetime Member
Steve joined Rookwood Sound in 1988 and over the years has helped shaped the station into the successful radio station it is today.

Steve presents several shows.

The famous Flagship Show on a Wednesday evening with his long term radio partner Debra Brown.

You can also hear Steve presenting the Sunday Supplement show,.

And coming soon will be a specialist Choir Night show.

Kerry Bassett
Kerry joined Rookwood Sound in 1988 and is one of the founder members of the station.

After a few years his work life took over and Kerry took a break from presenting.

We are delighted that he is back with us and presents the 60`s show, a trip down memory lane for those of us of a certain age.

Richard Baxter
Richard joined Rookwoood Sound in 2004 as a 14 year old. Our youngest ever volunteer. For many years Richard had his own show, currently due to work commitments he is not presenting a regular show.

However Richard supports the station on fundraising days and always does a live show on Christmas Morning.

John Bingham
Station Engineer
John joined Rookwood Sound in 2009. Bringing his knowledge of IT and all things technical John is the stations unsung hero.

John keeps everything working so all of the presenters can bring you a range of high quality shows.

John`s expertise is invaluable especially when Cardiff and The Vale Hospital Board has a requirement to transmit special broadcasts to the hospital wards such as the 70th Anniversary of the NHS, Christmas and Easter services.
Charlie Brown
Presenter & Lifetime Member
Charlie joined Rookwood Sound in 1994, and over the years Charlie has broadcast a variety of programs which demonstrate his knowledge of music and sport.

From Different Radio to Wide Open Spaces and all the home games from Cardiff City stadium.

Charlie has also been involved with broadcasting the live Christmas and Easter Services to the wards of Rookwood and Llandough Hospitals.

Charlie is also one of the Rookwood Sound team who delivers our fundraising disco service.

Debra Brown
Presenter & Lifetime Member
Debra joined Rookwood Sound in 1994.

Debra joint hosts The Flag Ship Show on a Wednesday Evening with Steve Allan, a partnership which has been on air for 26 years.

Debra is also a key member of our fundraising team and has been integral in helping raise much needed funds to keep the station on air.

If you haven’t worked out the connection, Debra is married to another of our presenters Charlie Brown.
Ian Burgess
Ian joined Rookwood Sound in 1988.

Similar to a few of our presenters a change of job after being a presenter for 10 years unfortunately meant Ian had to hang up his headphones for a few years.

Ian is now back with us broadcasting on a Tuesday with Charlie Brown and hosts Different Radio part one.

During lock down Ian joined forces with Sybil Fowler and created a series of 4 programs to thank NHS Staff, Care workers and Key workers for the amazing effort and contribution they made during the height of the Pandemic.

The series was titled Heroines & Hero`s
Bruna Chezzi
Bruna Joined Rookwood Sound in 2017, she took a small break to welcome her son into the world and came back after her maternity leave.

Bruna is Italian, and as you would expect brings a taste of Italy into her show. With the historic links that Wales has with Italy, Bruna`s show helps to keep these alive.

Every week Bruna transports us to various regions of Italy and give us a virtual taste of the cuisine, the culture and the music.

You really do feel like you have had a Mini Italian Escape at the end of her show
Jeff Davies
After originally joining Rookwood Sound Jeff had to step away from the microphone due to family commitments.

In 2019 Jeff returned to the station and is now doing an amazing 3 live shows a week, with a different twist each day.

Take a look at our programs section and put a note in your diary to listen in at 4pm on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Richard Davies
Presenter & Lifetime Member
Richard Joined Rookwood Sound in 1986 and is a lifelong member of the station. Richard was one of the founder members who helped the station to start its broadcasting adventure.

One of Richard`s many claims to fame must be that during Covid 19 he has been broadcasting his Saturday morning show live from his attic wearing an array of very snazzy pyjamas.
Zach Davies
Zach Joined Rookwood Sound in 2018. He had spent many years visiting the studio`s on fundraising days and seeing first hand how to be a Radio Presenter from Dad Richard.

Zach is an accomplished musician and has performed in our fundraising concerts “Raising The Roath”.

His Saturday show is a great reflection of Zach`s personality highly energetic and lots of fun
Sybil Fowler
Presenter, Program Controller Executive Committee Member
Sybil Joined the station in 2007 after reading a feature about the station in the local paper.

For many years Sybil hosted a Sunday Morning show and now joint hosts The Fowler Whitfield Experience on a Wednesday lunch time. She will also be hosting soon The Hot Jazz Café.

As program controller Sybil is responsible for ensuring the variety and quality of shows.
Paul Von Hillier
Paul joined Rookwood Sound in 2018 and is better known as "The Von"

Paul delights our listeners with tales from today and from his youth. He cleverly links all this into how certain music has played an important part of his life.
Tony Jenkins
Deputy Station Engineer
Tony Jenkins joined Rookwood Sound in 2018 as our Deputy Engineer.

Tony brings a raft of skills to help our over worked engineer, and is working his way through a variety of projects with John Bingham helping to keep us on air

Lesley Jennings
Presenter, Deputy Chief Executive & Lifetime Member
The award winning Lesley joined Rookwood Sound in 2000.

Lesley has for many years carried out a variety of roles at Rookwood Sound.

These include leading the fundraising activities, helping to steer the direction of the station via her Deputy Chief Executive role and presenting her Sunday Tea Time show.

Lesley has been recognised on several occasions at the annual Hospital Broadcasting Awards winning several awards.
Allan Johns
Allan joined Rookwood Sound in 1994. He presented a show for five years but had to hang up his headphones as work commitments took over.

To the stations delight Allan came back to the station in 2017.

Every week as a regular feature Allan takes our listeners into the world of Musicals and Broadway favourites.
Gareth Newbury
Gareth joined Rookwood Sound in 2018 after hearing the stations broadcasts in the corridors at Llandough, as Gareth is an NHS employee.

Gareth hosts a show on a Tuesday afternoon and is also part of our football commentary team reporting on all home matches for Cardiff City Football club.
James Oldfield
James joined Rookwood Sound in 2016 and for 3 years had a regular show.

Due to work commitments, James is our `Pop Up Presenter` bringing his music knowledge and sense of fun to the airwaves whenever he can.

John Rolls
John joined Rookwood Sound in 2015.

John originally hails from London and moved his family to Wales and has never looked back.

John brings a smooth style to the station. Relaxing music which suits the time of his show, early evening.

Last year John brought a great idea to the table and the show Saggy Presenters was created. An hour of chat with different presenters, discussing topical issues, some serious and quite a lot that are funny and quirky.
Tina Rogers
Finance Officer
Tina joined Rookwood Sound in 2009 as a non broadcasting member and is Rookwood Sounds Finance controller.

Tina brings her financial business expertise to the executive committee and ensures that our accounts are always up to date and accurate.

Bryn Stone
Bryn joined Rookwood Sound in 1997 and over the years has hosted a variety of shows.

Bryn is also part of the sports commentary team reporting on all home matches for Cardiff City Football club.

Bryn is also one of the Rookwood Sound team who delivers our fundraising disco service
Paul Whitfield
Paul joined Rookwood Sound in 2013 on seeing a facebook post inviting people to join the station.

Paul has a vast amount of music knowledge and has had his own show and a joint hosted show with long term friend Sybil Fowler.

During lockdown Paul has presented a show from his airing cupboard!
Dave Williams
Dave Joined Rookwood in 2019 and had only just completed his training when we had to vacate our studios due to Covid 19.

Dave has presented his show from his home, and has also added an extra show to his repertoire.

Classic cuts will be the regular show that Dave will be presenting on a Wednesday afternoon, and also the Soul Train on a Friday afternoon.
Josh Williams
Josh joined Rookwood Sound in 2018 as he has a passion for entertaining, performing and making everyone have an enjoyable time wherever they are.

Josh hopes to pursue a career in television/ radio as an actor or a presenter. He has a Foundation Degree in Performing Arts at the University of South Wales which is the first stage to achieving his goals.

Non Broadcasting Members
Jude Anderson
Mike Duffield
Garry Duggan
John Gilfoyle

Rookwood Sound President

Frank Hennessey
For those of you who don’t know our President which is hard to believe if you are a true Cardiffian and of a certain age here is a potted history.

Frank Hennessy is one of Wales' best loved and most popular television and radio presenters. Frank has had his own BBC radio programme for very many years and has, over the last few years, been travelling all over the world recording television programmes exploring the background of music.

Frank is one of Wales' most prolific singer/songwriters. His musical career has taken him to every corner of the British Isles and even as far away as New Orleans, Boston and Newfoundland.

Frank is no stranger to European audiences, having represented Wales with his group, 'The Hennessys', at countless International Festivals. Frank's songs have brought him four coveted number one slots in the Irish Charts and his music can be heard frequently on airwaves all over the world. His own musical compositions have been recorded by a wide range of successful performers.

Rookwood Sound Patrons

Mayor of Cardiff City Council
The Lord Mayor, First Citizen of Cardiff, is the lead ambassador at the City's civic functions. The current Lord Mayor is Councillor Daniel De’Ath and the Deputy Lord Mayor is Councillor Cllr Jackie Parry.

The Lord Mayor brings a sense of tradition and continuity, which is beneficial to the city's commercial and social interests. A number of the Lord Mayors were in the forefront of the campaign to win capital status for the city in 1955.

Lord Mayors are politically neutral during their year of office, acting as chairperson of council meetings.

It is the ceremonial duties of the Mayoralty, which feature most prominently in the year of office such as bestowing the freedom of the city on ‘Persons of Distinction'. The Princess of Wales, the Viscount Tonypandy, the Rt. Hon James Callaghan, Pope John Paul II, Nelson Mandela and Sir Tasker Watkins are among those who have received this honour.

Mayor of The Vale
Rookwood Sound are delighted to have The Mayor of the Vale of Glamorgan Council as one of their patrons.

The Mayor must be an elected member of the Council, and He or she is elected into office at the Annual Meeting of the Council in May and his or her year of office runs to May of the following year.

The elected Mayor for is 2019/2020 is Cllr Christine Cave.