Escaped from the Airing Cupboard

Escaped from the Airing Cupboard

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Hosted by: Paul Whitfield

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The concept of Live From The Airing Cupboard came about when we were unable to utilise our studios in Llandough Hospital due to the pandemic and started broadcasting from home.

The show has no rigid format, basically what the listeners want I try to accommodate,  I do however throw in a few personal musical favourites every show. I thoroughly enjoy helping people celebrate special occasions and events via the wonders of radio.

The show never loses sight that we serve the hospitals of Rookwood and Llandough but we also love to reach out to a wider audience thanks to the miracle of technology and hope that makes for interesting radio.

On another note, during the time the show started I have folded thousands of pillow cases, towels and sheets whilst also perspiring profusely on many an occasion.