Become a sponsor

Rookwood Sound Hospital Broadcasting is run completely by volunteers who present well over 50 hours of live programmes per week to the patients of Rookwood & Llandough Hospitals. While it is difficult to gauge the total number of listeners, each bed has a facility to listen to Rookwood Sound either on a headphone system at Llandough or on any radio at Rookwood where we broadcast on the medium wave. Also listeners can now use the free to use TuneIn app, and can listen via a mobile, tablet or laptop. We also have quite a wide range of listeners across Cardiff and South Wales outside of the hospitals

When Rookwood Sound is not broadcasting live programmes we provide a music based information schedule so actually Rookwood Sound is broadcasting 24 hours a day 365 days per year.

What publicity will you get if you become a programme sponsor?

During the live show our presenter will use a tag line attached to the programme “Brought to you in association with ….”  This would be broadcast a minimum of 4 times per hour over the duration of the 2 hour programme. This can be a verbal announcement by the presenter and also a jingle, which you will have pre – approved.

We will also include your Companies details on your allocated programs web page, and inclusion within our sponsor’s page. All of these will hyperlink back to your company webpage. This arrangement would last for 1 year.  Sponsorship is £50 per annum.